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Firma rafael Rosés

Christ the King Parish

The images of this parish date from 1957. They have been digitised with slides from that period, hence their sepia and tan colours. Along with this visual document of the period, we have enclosed current images, surprising the vividness of the fresco colours and their splendid preservation.

In the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament the front wall paintings measure 7m long x 3.50m high, and the side paintings 3.50mx3.50m. The images are life-size.

The compositions are symbolic with Eucharistic themes: On the frontispiece, theme "Calvary", large fresco mural with angels collecting the blood of the Crucified Christ and the representation of the actual people on both sides. On the rectangular vault, angels depicting the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. (Temple).

On the side walls, compositions of the Wedding at Cana and the Sacrifice of Melchisedek, (fresco paintings).

Chapel of the Holy Christ. Themes of the Prayer in the Garden and Angels with attributes of the Passion. Fresco depicted on a wall at right angles.