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Firma rafael Rosés

Parish Church of Saints Juliana and Semproniana of Sant Adriá de Besós

Total decoration of the church, monumental frescoes. The images in this document are taken from slides dating from 1973; given the location and height of the frescoes, the photographs were taken before the scaffolding was removed.

Ornamental painting on vault and coffered ceiling. Large composition on the front of the nave depicting the saints and related themes. On the side walls the steps of the "Via Crucis" (200x100 cm., mixed technique).

Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, themes: Holy Supper and allegories of Eucharistic themes, sacrifice of Isaac and Melchisedek, (fresco).

The ensemble of frescoes and paintings in the parish church invite the viewer to a visual journey in which the symbolic compositions, the biblical story depicted, the painter's palette and the language of the figures constitute a visual delight.