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Firma rafael Rosés

Episcopal Palace of la Seu d'Urgell and the Coprince of Andorra

Total decoration of the palace, monumental encaustic works. The images in this document are taken from slides dating from 1997. Given the location and height in the embassy hall of La Seu D'Urgell, the photographs of the ten oval paintings were taken with some difficulty. The works themselves that document the page are a unique document as they were photographed while they were being painted in the painter's studio and subsequently scanned.

The document presents sketches, the works as they were being executed in the painter's studio and their subsequent location in the palace.

Decoration of the halls of the Episcopal Palace:

In the embassy lounge: a set of ten oval paintings (167x115cm.) with historical themes from the Principality of Andorra to the present day. One of the paintings depicts members of the current government (eight portraits) and the Co-Princes of France and Andorra.) Encaustic process.

In the Throne Room: Four of the Saints of La Seu D'Urgell are represented (167x115 cm.).
Allegory of the 110 martyrs of the Spanish Civil War, composition of religious and lay people around the Holy Christ of Balaguer. (Size: 430x250cm, encaustic process).

In another room: painting (245 x 130 cm.) with a historical theme, representing the Consecration of the first cathedral of La Seu D'Urgell, with the characters involved: Bishop, Clergy, the Counts, the Court, etc. (Encaustic process).

Chapel: Oratory of the "Bisbe", Altarpiece with the theme "The Supper at Emmaus", (encaustic process).

Portrait of Monsignor Martí Alanis, Co-Prince of Andorra, (Oil painting).


Consecration of the new Cathedral

Altarpiece "Supper of the disciples of Emmaus".

Throne Room, martyrs of the Civil War and the Christ of Balaguer.