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Firma rafael Rosés

Kinetic Art. Rhythmology on Metal Plate

Work on two-dimensional aluminium plate, without relief. The colours of the images are caused by spotlights reflected in different glazes, they are occasional and changing. Depending on the movement of the viewer when observing the work, the shapes move away, come closer and change values. It is an interactive work of art with the viewer.

Rafael Rosés, with his impressive work on metal plate, which he defined as Ritmologia, in a sintering eagerness, traverses the whole spatial world of art in a single stroke, making a "virtuous circle".

I wouldn't know whether this is architecture, sculpture, drawing, painting, music or poetry.

I would say that these flashes, these glazes, these rhythms, these diamond edges, these nuances, these forms that rest, these forms that levitate, have suddenly brought together in a tight beam in a surprising and unsuspected way, the two extremes that - according to Xènius - delimit the geography of art.

With his magic and his implausible mastery of technique, he has achieved nothing less than the squaring of the circle.

 Francesc Marcé i Sanabra

Director of the history museum of the city of Hospitalet de Llobregat Barcelona.