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Firma rafael Rosés

Parish Church of the Holy Cross of Calafell

Total decoration of the temple. A monumental fresco work that illustrates the entire interior together with the life-size sculptural images. The whole ensemble constitutes a great pictorial and sculptural work together with a large spectacular rose window that concludes the work. The images presented here are from slides from 1960.

The images show: the polychrome carving of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. On the main altar the carving of the Crucifix. On the altar of San Isidro the fresco mural painting of the image of the saint and reliefs. Stained glass windows in the central nave and rose window over the chancel of Christ the King, 350 cm. in diameter.

Chapel of the Holy Sacrament: Compositions on both side walls of Old Testament characters and saints related to the Eucharist. Carving (170 cm.) of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (on the central wall).

High altar crucifix - 110 cm. carving.

Altar dedicated to San Isidro Labrador: Carving of the image of the Saint (150 cm.), reliefs of angels with symbolic attributes.

Stained glass windows in the central nave and above the choir. Rose window (diameter 350 cm.), theme: Christ the King.