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Firma rafael Rosés

Parish of Saint Isidro labrador in Hospitalet

Total decoration of the temple. Monumental encaustic and fresco work that illustrates the entire interior together with the life-size sculptural images. The whole ensemble constitutes a great pictorial and sculptural work. The images in the document date from 1956 before the scaffolding was removed when the paintings were being finalised.

Inside, the following are painted: the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament: "Holy Supper" (fresco) the side walls: Sacrifices of Melchisedek and Isaac, (encaustic).

Side altars dedicated to the Immaculate Conception (fresco), Our Lady of Montserrat (mixed technique) and Saint Therese (encaustic).

Carvings of the images of Our Lady of Montserrat and Saint Therese.